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Beddomixalus bijui

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The large (nearly 400 species) family Rhacophoridae, widespread in the Asian subtropics and tropics with a few species in Africa, displays a great array of life history modes. A multigene phylogenetic analysis of all major clades and nearly a third of the species in the family has enabled Meergaskumbura et al. 2015 to conclude that the ancestral mode was fully aquatic eggs and larvae. The ancestral forms of all but the most basal branches in the tree have a high likelihood of having been terrestrial gel nesters. Direct development and foam nesting characterize the vast majority of rhacophorids and have evolved independently at least twice within the family. As a probable consequence of these evolutionary events, rhacophorids thrive in diverse habitats across a vast geographic range.

Current number of amphibian species: 7,450 (Aug 31, 2015) Newly added species