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Pleurodema marmoratum | Marbled Four-eyed Frog

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High elevation tropical environments are experiencing rapid change as a consequence of climate warming, and their glaciers are melting fast. The ongoing deglaciation is opening up new aquatic habitats for pond-breeding amphibians. Seimon et al. (2017) describe the vertical migration of Pleurodema marmoratum, Rhinella spinulosa and Telmatobius marmoratum to newly deglaciated ponds up to 5400 m in the Andean Cordillera de Vilcanota of Peru. Over the past decade, the newly established anuran populations have endured chytrid epizootics, changes in pond hydrology, and sharp reduction in the abundance of T. marmoratus. Despite these challenges, the three species continue to breed in this system of connected wetlands, and populations of T. marmoratus have recently recovered, possibly because individuals have acquired greater resistance to chytridiomycosis.

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