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Species of the Week:
Hyla wrightorum | Arizona Tree Frog

Amphibian News
Duellman, Marion and Hedges (2016) offer an alternative taxonomy for hylid frogs. No new data are presented and the authors’ goal, to use taxonomy to reflect biogeographic divergence, can often be accomplished by use of subgenera. AmphibiaWeb will move methodically to accept or reject specific features of this taxonomy, which is purely subjective and not required by any cladistic or nomenclatural considerations. We invite your views via Twitter or Facebook in the coming weeks. Examples of the proposed taxonomy: Hylidae is split into three families; Hyla is subdivided, with the effect that it no longer occurs in the New World; western tree frogs are placed in a newly resurrected genus; new genera are established for some tropical clades.

Current number of amphibian species: 7,533 (May 5, 2016) Newly added species