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David B. Wake, Director & Co-Founder
University of California at Berkeley
Michelle S. Koo, Associate Director
University of California at Berkeley
Vance Vredenburg, Associate Director & Co-Founder
San Francisco State University
David C. Blackburn, Senior Associate
University of Florida
David Cannatella, Senior Associate
University of Texas at Austin
Ann T. Chang, AmphibiaWeb Research Coordinator
University of California at Berkeley
Alessandro Catenazzi, Senior Consultant
Southern Illinois University
Joyce Gross, Database Programmer & Co-Founder
University of California at Berkeley
Tim Halliday, Literature Specialist
The Open University, UK
Carol L. Spencer, Senior Associate
University of California at Berkeley
Kyle Summers, Senior Associate
East Carolina University
The Steering Committee above meets about once a week to review the latest in amphibian news, consider new partnerships, brainstorm ways to make the site more useful, address any controversies in the amphibian literature, and discuss how better AmphibiaWeb can address conservation issues facing amphibians in crisis. Other Acknowledged Contributions by the AmphibiaWeb Team


Arie van der Meijden
Senior Associate
CIBIO Institute, Portugal

Raul Diaz
Senior Associate
La Sierra University

Current Associates:
  • Christina Lew
    GIS Assistant, University of California
  • Rudolf von May
    University of Michigan
  • Jamie Voyles
    University of Nevada, Reno
  • Andy Zink
    San Francisco State University
  • Past Associates:
  • David Bloom
    VertNet Liaison
  • Tom Devitt
    Senior Associate
  • Rebecca Doubledee
    Declines Specialist
  • Gordon Lau
    Research Assistant
  • Meredith Mahoney
    Senior Associate
  • Lara Rachowicz
    Amphibian Disease Specialist
  • Tate Tunstall
    Senior Associate
  • Kellie Whittaker
    Senior Associate
  • Julian Wittische
  • Mingna (Vicky) Zhuang
    AmphibiaWeb Research Assistant

  • Global Partners:

    Jean-Marc Hero

    Alexander Haas

    Miguel Vences

    Help us build AmphibiaWeb!

    We have the ambitious goal of establishing a "home page" for every species of amphibian in the world. In order to accomplish this goal we encourage volunteers to help us prepare species accounts. If you have special interest in a particular species, please contact us and we will send you an electronic template for the species accounts. We also encourage submission of photographs and range maps. If you have a photograph that you can submit electronically, we would be pleased to receive it. Photographs that are most valuable are those that include exact locality information, including date and observer. Also please indicate museum number if voucher specimens exist. We will edit accounts and communicate with authors before putting the account onto the website. Thanks to all who are willing to help.

    For more information, contact us .