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Amietia angolensis | Angola River Frog

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To gain a better understanding of the African genus Amietia, currently composed of 16 cryptic species, Larson et al. (2016) recently analyzed the genus using newly collected samples from The Albertine Rift, home to five Amietia species, with published sequences. They showed that Amietia is monophyletic, diverged in the late Oligocene to early Miocene (17.44–31.97 mya), and contains more species than previously thought. Amongst the 79 samples collected, a known biodiversity hotspot, they found six undescribed species. All of the new species were found in unprotected land and all Amietia species in the Rift are currently threatened by political instability, habitat loss, and chytridiomycosis. Although it is difficult for researchers to gain access to these areas, they are optimistic more undescribed species exist and urge future surveys and conservation efforts in the area.

Current number of amphibian species: 7,545 (Jul 1, 2016) Newly added species