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Ensatina eschscholtzii Gray, 1850
Ensatina Salamander, Common Ensatina, Yellow-blotched Ensatina, Monterey Ensatina, Oregon Ensatina, Painted Ensatina, Sierra Nevada Ensatina, Yellow-eyed Ensatina, Large-blotched Ensatina
family: Plethodontidae
subfamily: Plethodontinae
genus: Ensatina

Locality Palomar Mountain
County San Diego
State California
Country USA
Date Recorded
Call Type
Temperature (F/C)
Temperature Type
Notes This is a video of courtship in the plethodontid salamanders Ensatina eschscholtzii and Ensatina klauberi, two distinct species that meet, mate, and produce hybrid offspring in parts of southern California. Three clips have been edited into a single movie. The first pair of animals shown are a male E. eschscholtzii (the smaller, pale individual) and a female E. klauberi (the larger, blotched individual), illustrating the initiation phase (start - 2:15) and tail-straddle walk (2:15 - 3:13). The second pair of animals is the same female E. klauberi and a male E. klauberi, illustrating spermatophore deposition and insemination.
Recorded By Tom Devitt
Copyright Tom Devitt
Date Entered 2014-03-11

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