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Hyperolius ademetzi Ahl, 1931
family: Hyperoliidae
genus: Hyperolius

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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account Endangered (EN)
National Status None
Regional Status None



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A Hyperolius from the grasslands of the Cameronese ridge. Males small (17–20 mm), females medium (23–26 mm). Head narrower than in the similar H. kuligae. Dorsum with hour-glass pattern or, more frequently, with light dorsolateral stripes in grey, beige and brown. Gular flap large. Pupils horizontal. Females with yellow ventrum, and red ventral surfaces of legs. Males have a whitish ventrum which is transparent posteriorly.

The males are similar to those of H. cinnamomeoventris, but smaller. The latter sometimes have two darker middorsal lines. For a comparison with the similar H. kuligae and H. platyceps see under the latter.

Distribution and Habitat

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Only found in savanna at 750–1750 m in the western Cameronese highlands.

Life History, Abundance, Activity, and Special Behaviors
The call consists of a long and rapid succession of very brief shrill buzzes, “zi-zi-zi-zi”. Sometimes an initial sound is heard.

The spelling H. adametzi has also been used for this species, but Frost (2007) points out that the original specimens were labeled as H. ademetzi and that the alternative spelling was a typographical error by Ahl (1931).

This account was taken from "Treefrogs of Africa" by Arne Schiøtz with kind permission from Edition Chimaira publishers, Frankfurt am Main.


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