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Oreolalax weigoldi (Vogt, 1924)
Weigold Toothed Toad
family: Megophryidae
subfamily: Leptobrachiinae
genus: Oreolalax

AmphibiaChina 中国两栖类.

Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account Data Deficient (DD)
National Status None
Regional Status None



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The male is 58.2 mm. This species has vertical pupils. The tympanum is hidden. The lower lip is fringed with small spine clusters. Maxillary teeth are developed. The back of the tongue lacks grooves. The skin of the dorsum is relatively rough and has horny spines as well as tubercles with small, spherical spines. The tubercles are surrounded by dark spots. Hind legs are long. The tibia length is five times its width. Digit tips are rounded. The sides of the toe have a wide fringe, and the webbing of the toes is developed. The color of the dorsum is light palm brown. Dorsal surfaces of the back legs are palm brown and have dark yellow bands. The male has nuptial spines on the backs of the first and second finger. The upper 2/3 of the ventrum has many small spines gathered in a continuous piece. The male lacks a vocal sac (Fei 1999).

Distribution and Habitat

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There is only a single report of O. weigoldi, from Washan in southern Sichuan province (IUCN 2006).


Fei, L. (1999). Atlas of Amphibians of China. Henan Publishing House of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou.

IUCN, Conservation International, and NatureServe. 2006. Global Amphibian Assessment. Accessed on 06 July 2007.

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