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Yunganastes fraudator (Lynch & McDiarmid, 1987)
family: Strabomantidae
genus: Yunganastes

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Conservation Status (definitions)
IUCN Red List Status Account Vulnerable (VU)
National Status None
Regional Status None
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Pristimantis fraudator males attain a maximum SVL of 28.1-28.3 mm. Head as wide as body, wider than long. The skin on the dorsum is shagreened; skin of venter smooth. Low dorsolateral folds present. Tympanum is prominent, round and 2/5 eye diameter. Snout rounded when viewed dorsally and in lateral profile. Canthus rostralis sharp in cross-section. Upper eyelid is wider than IOD. Vomerine odontophores oval. First finger slightly longer than second. Tips of two outer fingers truncate with expanded pads, those of inner fingers more rounded. Lateral fringes on fingers weakly defined or absent. Ulnar tubercles absent. No tubercles or folds on heel or tarsus. Inner metatarsal tubercle oval and elevated, outer low and indistinct, no supernumerary plantar tubercles. This species is distinguished from all other members of the group by having a continuous brown labial stripe instead of labial bars or spots. In life, dorsally and laterally mottled in tan, light and dark brown, pattern edged in black in some places; eye, lip, and lateral stripes dark brown to black; ventrally creamy gold, more or less iridescent, intermixed with brown; iris is gold. In preservative, some patterns are more obvious: brown above with darker brown interorbital triangle continuing posteriorly as a pair of stripes vaguely recalling scapular and sacral chevrons, lateral margin of dorsolateral fold very dark brown delineating a brown flank band bordered ventrally by paler coloration. Tympanum is dark and continuous with supratympanic stripe, annulus only slightly lighter.

Distribution and Habitat

Country distribution from AmphibiaWeb's database: Bolivia


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All known specimens are males and were found calling on a road-cut in the late afternoon under rocks or in heavy “moss.” The habitat consisted of patchy vegetation reaching 3-5 cm above ground. Known from Cochabamba on Cohabamba to Villa Tunari road, Provincia Chapare, Departamento Cochabamba, Bolivia at 2690 m altitude.

Possible reasons for amphibian decline

General habitat alteration and loss


Lynch, J. D., and McDiarmid, R.W. (1987). ''Two new species of Eleutherodactylus (Amphibia: Anura: Leptodactylidae) from Bolivia.'' Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 100(2), 337-346.

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