Contributing Media to AmphibiaWeb

Contributing Media to AmphibiaWeb

There are several ways to contribute to AmphibiaWeb. One of the most popular is to share your photos of amphibians and amphibian-related images with AmphibiaWeb. We welcome high quality media of species or natural history, or of any topic relevant to amphibian conservation. We outline the details on how you can contribute media here. We also work with herpetologists, students, and users around the world to update and add new accounts on amphibian species (Looking to contribute to species accounts? Read more about Contributing Species Accounts)

Centrolene savagei | Savage's Glass Frog by Victor Fabio Luna-Mora, 2009

Photos, videos and sound files

We are always interested in acquiring amphibian photos, particularly of species for which we do not yet have images. Species photos enhance species accounts. You can submit your own photos, videos, and sound files of species for any species that we have.

Photos, videos, and sound files need to be submitted with good associated data, including the photographer's name, the date the photo or video/sound file was recorded, the correct identification, and the location where the photo/video/sound file was made. Videos can be embedded from YouTube. If submitted directly to us for hosting, it needs to be in MPG or MOV format. Sound files can be in MP3 or WAV format. Please contact us for the latest procedures and issues.

To explore where we may have the greatest needs in terms of species with and without images, browse these tables or search

Our list of species with photos in CalPhotos.

Our current list of AmphibiaWeb video and sound files.

Search for any species to view its account page.

AmphibiaWeb's data have been contributed from numerous individuals--please see our acknowledgements page for information about our contributors.

Thank you for supporting AmphibiaWeb and amphibian conservation!